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I'm Stephen Colbert. If you don't know me, you should. I host my own tv show, written a best selling book, and even ran for president until the Democratic Party of South Carolina refused to put me on the ballot. Damn treehuggers.

I don't need therapy. I'm only here on behalf of my daughter. Maybe you've seen her. She's the beautiful violet haired maiden who craps rainbows. See a rainbow, she did it. That cloud next to it came from her too. I'm sure you can guess what that was.

Anyway, as long as I'm here, I'm going to slap these good for nothing therapists with the paddle o'truth. I don't need to pay someone to sit on their couch. It isn't even real leather! You'd think as long as I paid them they wouldn't get something from Wal-Mart That's why I'm doing this though e-therapy. Ow! Tad, this coffee is too hot! Too hot! Go stick it in the fridge, or better yet, up your ass, and get me another one. Jimmy! What the hell are you doing? I'm done dictating! Don't you know anything?! Stop it! Stop it youkohnkhnoahoweghioweghio.... [We're sorry, Mr. Colbert is no longer at his computer, please try again later.]

Ok, back. Talk to me.


OOC: What the hell is going on you ask? I would like to take Couples Therapy from a humorous aspect. The story, such as it is, is that Stephen Colbert and Tony Stark had a fling which resulted in the beautiful purple haired Xaxayayana (called Bob) who men love, women want to be, and saves the world at least nine times a day. While the child was the biggest blessing the world has ever known, her two daddies won't stop bickering, which results in her exquisite tears that turn into jelly beans.

Basically, we just want to take the piss out of mary sue and mpreg stories. Tongue is firmly in cheek while sarcasm oozes out everywhere else.


Couples Therapy Waiting Room
Couples Therapy

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